What is the memory foam mattress?

The word “memory” and “foam”, in fact, this is the technology with which these mattresses were made, a technology that allows them to keep in mind the shape of the body. Their characteristic is to take the shape of the body, guaranteeing an ideal weight distribution and therefore a better rest. It is the heat of the body that allows the “personalized deformation” of the mattress that is kept in memory by the same for a few minutes, allowing, at each change of position, a readjustment of the mattress to the body.

Summing up, the memory foam mattress is able to:

•    Self-modeling with the thermal action of the body;

•    Absorb body weight

•    Distribute the weight of the body in a balanced manner.

•    Minimize the pressure points.

What is the memory foam mattress?

The memory foam mattress is made up of two layers of material that are superimposed on each other: the first is thermosensitive, the other is made of expanded polyurethane. It is precisely the synergy of these two layers that allows the mattress to keep in mind the shapes of the body (especially of the back).

How does the memory foam mattress work?

The mattress, without exerting any pressure, adapts perfectly to the shape of the body by filling the empty spaces and then returning to the initial position without danger of deformation.

It is the heat of the body that allows the mattress to follow our positions. Depending on the temperature to which it is subjected, the thermosensitive material becomes soft or hard (it hardens at low temperatures and softens at higher temperatures).

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Heat and body weight, therefore, are the factors that contribute to the shape of the mattress. Furthermore, the reduction of the gravitational thrust contributes to the optimal comfort of the body, limiting to a minimum the movements that are often performed to find a comfortable position.

Obviously, before looking for offers, make sure of what is the mattress that is right for you: it is perfectly useless for you to ensure a memory mattress in the super offer if you don’t like this type of mattress. Pre-selection is therefore fundamental.