Memory foam or natural latex. What is the best mattress?

Better memory foam or natural latex? Few know the difference between the two materials. If you are about to replace your old mattress, knowing the characteristics of the materials will help you choose the most suitable for your needs.

How many in recent years have the impression of sleeping little or never being completely rested? There are those who get up with slight back pain or a spine to stretch before starting a busy day. The most superficial believe either because of work stress or wrong positions during sleep but the truth is very far away.

Many health problems arise where there should be a good rest. Remember that mattresses, like all objects, have a precise life cycle, beyond which they cause long-term damage. Who is on the verge of replacing the mattress and is torn between memory foam or natural latex, here’s what you need to know to get your bearings.

what are the top-rated memory foam mattresses online

Memory foam or natural latex:

The memory foam mattress is a modern mattress that distributes the weight of the body evenly throughout the surface.

Initially, the material was known as Temper Foam and was part of a project devised by NASA to help its astronauts effectively counteract the gravitational force, this material was used for seats and space suits.

For over 20 years NASA has held the patent for the material before allowing it to be used by others.

Unfortunately, initially, it did not have the positive impact that was expected due to the exorbitant tariffs that made it an elite product. They were mostly used by health facilities like clinics and hospitals as the memory foam mattress effectively countered the emergence of bedsores in patients.

Only in the last decade, thanks to the lowering of costs, the memory foam mattress has been renewed and updated according to the latest technological discoveries, becoming commonplace. Today it is sold in multiple layers, usually two or three. This is because the memory foam needs a hard and thick base to prevent the body from sinking into it. Each layer should be at least 5 centimeters thick, below which it would not benefit the body.