Mattress cover:

Anyone who does without the mattress cover will give away comfort and hygiene that should accompany him night after night. Comfort and hygiene are provided by a mattress cover. And for allergy sufferers, he can do something very decisive.

Basically, mattress covers surround the mattress completely and are equipped with an all-around zipper. The covers can be washed at least 60 degrees, some are even cooked. Especially for allergy sufferers that is an advantage. A mattress can withstand a lot. Their cover is often worn faster than the mattress itself, so we recommend a mattress cover as a simple, comfortable and affordable solution if the mattress is still able, but the reference no longer.

Each sleeper sweats changes position several times, applying constant pressure, not only to the mattress but also to the cover. Do not swap the whole sleeping pad immediately. Grab a new mattress cover.

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The comfortable replacement

A mattress is usually composed of the mattress core and a mattress cover. The mattress cover fulfills several functions: First, it protects the mattress core from dirt and wear, and second, it contributes to better hygiene in the bed and in the bedroom. And last but not least, the comfort of the mattress with its padded cover can be increased.

What materials are processed in mattress coverage?

The achievements of modern technologies have also left their mark on the mattress cover. Therefore, in addition to natural fibers, climate fibers and climate fleece are used. They can increase the breathability of textiles when used skillfully.

Both synthetic and natural materials have their strengths and, therefore, both are used for making mattress covers. The synthetic materials include viscose, and polyester, which are either 100 percent or proportionately processed in the mattress cover.

The right mattress covers for allergies

Comfort and hygiene we had explained. In addition, the mattress cover can be much more. Many people with allergies are unaware of the comfort that the right mattress cover means for them. He is the means of encasing. Behind it lies the hygienic enclosure of the mattress through the mattress cover. In this way, it is largely prevented that bedbugs nest in the mattress and thus rob the sleeper’s allergy sufferers.